I am from Europe, born and bred on a continent where soccer is a religion for some people. I am surrounded by males who live soccer matches to the full: my dad and brother will get into an argument with you if you dare bad mouthing their team. My husband’s English cool disappears when he watches a match involving his town club from thirty years ago.

The other weekend I was having such a hard time with how I saw my body.  Ok...this has been a long standing issue, but I thought I had resolved it over the years.  This time around it was so intense that I felt like I have experiencing it for all women!

A few years ago I took an amazing pic of a friend of mine. She was all curled up in a ball and "resting" next to the toilet as her bed was way too far away to get to. 

We often attribute the struggle of finding balance between work and family to the working mother.  Yes, it’s there and yes it’s hard.   Maybe a lot of the day-to-day responsibilities of parenting fall in the hands of us mothers. 

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