By Michele C. Hollow

Being a parent doesn’t mean giving up travel. Start early, and when your kids get older they will look forward to family road trips. Give yourself extra drive time. If it normally takes you two hours to get somewhere, plan on three for rest stops along the way. A few more tips follow:

1. Make a checklist of everything you’ll need. Pack extra clothes and toiletries, and don’t forget pacifiers, soothing music, and movable sunshades for the car.

2. Pack a cooler with formula and finger foods.  Bring water and snacks for you too.

3. Keep a package of baby wipes and diapers close at hand.

4. Pack your baby’s favorite blanket and a few toys.

5. Use an approved infant car seat.

6. Bring a travel crib or playpen, and use it a few times at home to get your baby used to it.

7. Try as best as possible to stick to your normal schedule for meals and bedtime.

8. Share the driving with your spouse, and take turns entertaining your baby.

Michele C. Hollow writes about family travel, interiors, and pets. Her blog is Pet News and Views.


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